These Are The Best "Woman Yelling at a Cat" Memes We've Ever Seen

These Are The Best "Woman Yelling at a Cat" Memes We've Ever Seen


    Canadian cat Smudge is an Internet sensation, we've talked about her and her awesomeness before. The "lady yelling at a cat" or "table cat" meme has transcended incredible formats and appeared quite literally everywhere. It has been memed to high heaven and to the lowest depths of hell and everywhere in between. This meme is everywhere.

    Naturally, with this much exposure to the Internet and every corner of social media it's become relevant to decide which ones are the best. (If you disagree, you're wrong, we must categorize the good memes from the bad memes, we simply must.) So, that's exactly what we've done. We've found the best and the funniest memes featuring Smudge the Table Cat getting yelled at.

    1. Heeeeeeere's Smudge!

    2. I just appreciate a good poop joke.

    3. Blessed Image

    4. Pawsitively Epic

    5. Screw you, I do what I want. Just like a cat.

    6. Well played, Ubisoft social media manager.

    7. Don't you dare disrespect the food holiday.

    8. Every time.

    9. Don't you dare complain about this.

    10. This puts things into purrspective.

    11. Yeesh, at least give me a moment.

    12. Give this man a raise.

    13. Smudge is SO CUTE

    14. This is a first place in the ugly sweater contest sort of situation, paws down.

    15. Naturally, we must include a "classic."

    16. The plot thickens.

    17. There's a glitch in the matrix.

    18. Thanks, I hate it.

    19. I'm not even mad.

    20. I'm legitimately impressed.

    21. I approve of this message.

    22. The Siiiiiiiimpsons

    23. We have to include this iconic one.

    24. Halloweenies got in on it, too.

    25. Confirmed: Smudge is art.

    26. Peow Peow from the Meow Meow

    27. This is, honestly, my absolute favorite.

    28. He just keeps coming.

    29. Tis the season.

    30. Explain yourselves.

    31. If you didn't hear the music in your head, you're too young.

    32. This is just... factual.

    33. Too realistic.

    34. He just wants to hang out like an eight-legged homie.

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