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These Are The Best "Woman Yelling at a Cat" Memes We've Ever Seen

  Canadian cat Smudge is an Internet sensation,   we've talked about her and her awesomeness before . The "lady yelling at a cat" or "table cat" meme has transcended incredible formats and appeared quite literally everywhere. It has been memed to high heaven and to the lowest depths of hell and everywhere in between. This meme is everywhere. Naturally, with this much exposure to the Internet and every corner of social media it's become relevant to decide which ones are the best. (If you disagree, you're wrong, we must categorize the good memes from the bad memes, we simply must.) So, that's exactly what we've done. We've found the best and the funniest memes featuring Smudge the Table Cat getting yelled at. 1. Heeeeeeere's Smudge! 2. I just appreciate a good poop joke. 3. Blessed Image 4. Pawsitively Epic 5. Screw you, I do what I want. Just like a cat. 6. Well played, Ubisoft social media manager. 7. Don't you dare disrespect the foo

some fan art of the Wilfred Warrior 2021

 some fan art of the  Wilfred Warrior 2021 wind beneath my wings playing softly #wilfred#wilfred warrior#art#wilfred warrior fanart#cat#cat art#my art#mine#digital art#i cried laughing looking at pictures of this thing a few nights ago and watned to do a tribute because#i rlt needed that Me caring for my OC At level three, a warlock can choose a pact and receive a boon. I chose Pact of the Chain. Meet my tressym, Ser Wilfred. Beargamot: It can’t be a coincidence! Isn’t it mom? Bearlynyan: I don’t even know him… Wilfred: Meow~ Wilfred gazing into the abyss like usual When you’ve seen the secrets of the universe that were meant to remain unknown, but also you really want chocolate milk without having to go buy some chocolate milk I’m animating this and then remembered Wilfred Warrior isn’t supposed to blink in it, so here, have this on its own <3 Ma!!!! (Is it just me or he is perfect for character design?)