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15 Pets Who Would Give Their Owners the World if They Could

  Unlimited hugs and kisses when you ask for them and unlimited hugs and kisses even when you DON’T — sums up the life of every pet owner. Be it cats, dogs, or even reptiles, animals just have so much love to give to their owners that they make our world a little easier to live in.  *** ****** ************* *** 1. “I’ve taken hundreds of photos of Cabbage, but this has got to be the best one.” 2. “I pet you now hooman. 3. “Milly and me: There are times I honestly forget she is there.” 4. My best friend went to every class with me and helped me graduate. 5. “Here is a picture of me and my bearded dragon Bowser playing my PS4.” 6. “Nala always wants to be close to me.” 7. “My dad lives alone in the Australian bush and cares for a family of wild kangaroos, he just sent me this photo.”

20 Cool Dads Who Are Sweeter Than Honey

  Fatherhood is just as tough as motherhood. Though, dads don’t lose heart and, together with moms, do an amazing job in the whole upbringing process. They protect and support their little ones from the very first day, watch them grow, bloom, and graduate — sometimes they even can’t hold back the tears of love and joy. And we can’t hold back our smiles of tenderness! 1. He took his daughter to his graduation and 18 years later he proudly accompanied his daughter at her graduation. 2. Kids always come first under any circumstances. 3. Father and son having a nice time together, 30 years apart. 4. “At the last minute my wedding photographer suggested I do first look photos with my dad. I think his reaction shows how lucky I am to have him as my father.” 5. “My brother was the first to graduate with a Master’s in my family. My dad couldn’t stop crying.”

12 Animals That Look Like They Are From Another Planet

    Some animals are incredibly lucky to be born with an appearance that distinguishes them from their own relatives. Like, for example, Salt and Pepper crocodiles with albinism and melanism. But there are animals with an unusual and striking appearance, who are the typical representatives of their species. It’s just that we rarely see them, and so, they seem unusual to us. 1. “I saw an albino deer on my way to work.” 2. Salt and Pepper are crocodiles with albinism and melanism. The difference between these photos is exactly one year. 3. This pair of blue-footed boobies was caught in the Galapagos Islands during a courtship ritual. 4. Twinning! Dog and Flemish rabbit style 5. Occasionally, albinos are born among seals. But in reality, they look more redheaded! Although the dark pigment is absent even in their irises.   6. The marabou stork is one of the largest representatives of the stork family. On average, its length is 45-60 inches, and the wingspan is 88-113 inches. 7. “Have you e

Meet Smudge: The Real-Life Cat From The Woman Yelling At Cat Meme

    Cats and memes, what can be better than this blessed combination? Especially on such a platform as the internet, where it’s been long-known that felines rule the worldwide web. Unfortunately, often times when it comes to memes, we only ever know one picture, with no context, no sources, and no story behind it.  Perhaps that’s why we make up our own scenarios for such images. As not every feline meme-star can be as famous as the beloved late Tardar Sauce, who was best known to the world as the Grumpy Cat, we have to dig around the internet to find more. *** ****** ************* *** And we excitedly present Smudge, a ‘chunky yet funky’ meme-lord who hates vegetables. You might’ve seen this kitty before in the infamous “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme format, where a seemingly-stunned Smudge looks over the table with a salad in front of him. Smudge is a cat that became famous thanks to this meme The meme started making rounds back in May when a Twitter user MISSINGEGIRL put out