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Introducing Star Wars-Themed Messenger Features

Excited, we are, to celebrate the premiere of  Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, by giving fans the opportunity to share their passion for the movie through a series of limited-edition Messenger features that include a chat theme, reactions,  stickers  and AR effects.  Designed in partnership with Disney, the features bring the Star Wars galaxy to your very own Messenger chats. The r eactions and  stickers  allow you to express yourself using all of your favorite  Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker  characters, from both sides of the Force. We’ve also teamed up with Disney to create limited-edition  AR effects  that will have you feeling like you’re a part of the galactic action when you’re making Messenger video calls and taking photos using the Messenger camera. First,  jump into hyperspace and travel to a whole new world  with the  Lightspeed Effect . Then, you’ll be able to see yourself as part of the Resistance, gliding through the galaxies in Poe Dameron’s X-Wing with the  Cockpit

Make Your Own Photo Calendar 2020 Free

Free Photo Calendar Template 2020 You can use this 2020 Word calendar template to make wonderful gifts. Each year my sister makes a calendar with photos of all the nieces and nephews and gives them as Christmas gifts to family. It’s lovely to see smiling faces on the wall and think of my nieces and nephews each time I walk past. I created this page so that you can download my template and create your own personalised photo calendar using your home computer. All you need to do is pick 12 great photos, download the 2020 Word calendar template, and follow my easy step-by-step instructions. Print it out on your home printer and hey presto you have a thoughtful and inexpensive homemade gift! I’ve taken care of all the formatting for you so there’s no fiddling with tables or dates. All you need to do is add your photos and your calendar will look great! Create a quick and easy downloadable personalised calendar for 2019, that you can print at home! Add your favourite photo and a caption and