Inside a Real-Life Fairy Tale Forest

Looking at one of Ellie Davies' photographs takes you to the edge of an enchanted forest humming with the possibility of fantastical things about to happen. Many of the images are from a place right out of the pages of a fairy tale—New Forest, which is an area of wooded land, heathland and pasture in southern England dating back to medieval times. Davies grew up in a thatched cottage near here with twin sister, with whom she spent many hours doing what is now a luxury to many—exploring the woods.
"Stars," 2014-2015
"Sometimes we'd play and we'd feel really safe and have a lot of fun and build dens and camps, but there are also risks and fears," she explains. "I went to a lot of different places in my imagination ... perhaps I'm drawing on that atmosphere." She finds that many people's response to her work is to be transported back to their own childhoods—to a state where anything is possible and magic exists.
"Come With Me," 2011
"Between the Trees," 2014
"Half Light," 2016


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