Soap making his way in the house

The first way ..Amounts HaCans of olive oil .. approximately 16 kgCaustic soda and has several names .. Kaocetk soda or Qtrona or entirely possible and brought from store construction materials .Water - 8 litersWay ..First, you should exercise extreme caution when it is prepared and wear plastic gloves and use toolsPlastic or wood to boil and stir .. must use a pot made ​​of iron rather than aluminumOr Stainless Steel .. Materials because they interact with the soda produces fumes and thick smoke very severe Vigilance Please ..How to prepare ...In a bowl put a plastic soda and water and put Nkhalthm stir well by a long plank .As a result of interaction with soda water mixture becomes very hot ..Continue stirring until melted soda well .. Leave it to cool down a bitThen put oil with constant stirring until well mixed .Then leave for almost ten hours until the fermentation . The best thing at night , processing and leftFor the second day .After that we put in the barrel iron on the backburner and Nhrkha well consistently for an hour and a half or two hours.Then poured into wooden drawers and leave to dry put in place under well-ventilated and relatively cool .After a day or two and go We turn them over to dry completely .And thus be ready for use .. Bath and , God willing, our God
The second method ...Ingredients ..3 kg of olive oil450 g caustic soda (soda Kaocetk )And a half -liter of waterWayMelt the soda in the water well and continue stirring until the temperature is moderate ( tepid )Then put oil with constant stirring and Nhrkha becomes sticky Kalshambo .Then put them in plastic containers or cardboard shoes sight of God after packaging from abroad BallasqPlastic adhesive broad .. .. So do not open when we put the mix.Clear idea .. Means we get a carton ( shoebox ) Nglvha from abroad Baltchiq to become stronger and so as not to spoil the liquid soap .Keep the mixture of soap , of course , we need more than two cartons possible or three depending on the size carton .And put it in a well ventilated place away from sunlight and needs two to three days to dry .After dry soap go every day to its present Nqlbh all to dry completely .It is used ..This second method of course you should pay attention .. the use of plastic containers and wooden stick to move ..Bacon to do them in color on the Green Xue result olive oil and Ptwhit day all day .. I mean when it is fully droughtThe formation of a very beautiful white whiteness . And the formation of a liquid almost to do them and Ptbdo dry slowly .I mean, if Bchowoha liquid do not be afraid be kept dry and you have the finest soap ..
Soap Lavender ..After processing the previous mixture of soap before and poured in a cartonAdd lavender flowers as possible , as well as powdered lavender oil aromatherapy .And pour out to dry and so we have a soap and perfume of lavender flowers .
Soap honey ..Possible Add honey to the mixture and then pour the mixture to dry .
Chamomile SoapChamomile Flowers and prepare well and then Nfrckha Nnkhalha until we have a flower without any dirt or polesThen Nkhaltha soap after processing.
Soap bran .Add bran are clean before pour soap .
Soap smell of jasmineShould be added to the aromatic jasmine oil mixture .


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