How Pepsi-making

Who among us did not taste the taste of Pepsi ! This drink humidifier , which entered into the 
mouths of millions were left without a corner of it was conquered in 195 countries around the planet .
A simple idea started from the head pharmacist was trying to install a medicine for treatment of dyspepsia , and if it detects a drink savory and non- wetted pattern of eating and drinking in the world , and became great by asking small . How come Caleb Pradhan to this discovery ?
Caleb Pradhan was born in 1876 in Naobern in the United States . Forced to leave the university before graduating from the University of Maryland Medical bankrupt when his father and his business failed .
To earn a living turning Caleb Pradhan to education and studied at school - Oakes Smith - in Naobern to be married - Sarah Charity Chridl - . After leaving teaching work in a pharmacy Pollock , which he bought after he became a master of pharmacology .
Began through his work in the pharmacy mixing prescriptions and medical syrups , and hired through his work as his assistant to be able to blend watching mixture of fruit -flavored syrup with soda water .
In the hot, humid summer day in 1898 AD . In Naobern discovered Caleb Pradhan - aged 22 years - drink delicious moisturizer and submit it to the pharmacy customers . To succeed this drink humidifier unexpected success , and is known as - Pepsi Cola - .
Caleb Pradhan was sure that people would come to his pharmacy if gave them something they love and Anachehem in free days . The Khaltth Alzivh composed of extracts from the plant cola , vanilla and rare oils . He knew the name of this drink - drink Brad - relative to Pradhan .
Caleb Pradhan decided to nominate as the featured drink Pepsi -Cola because he was , in his opinion treats disease dyspepsia , which is known as Dyspepsia.
Enjoyed overwhelming popular drink Pepsi . What payment Caleb Pradhan to advertise this drink invader and humidifier . And defending people 's request and sales began to rise to the point with Caleb Pradhan convinced that opens the company to market the drink featured .
The foundations of the world in 1902 Pepsi -Cola in the back room of his pharmacy , offering patented his invention to score a brand registered .
Initially, it was mixed drink and sells through machines soda water . But since necessity is the mother of invention Caleb Pradhan decided to sell Pepsi in small bottles so he can drink anyone and anywhere .
The evolution of the work significantly , and in the June 16, 1903 Pepsi -Cola got its brand on the registered office of the recording brands and trademarks in the United States . During the same year he sold Caleb Pradhan 7968 gallons of Pepsi , and the propaganda says : '' refreshing , tonic , and peptic '' .
Then he started to sell the franchise rights for Pepsi Bottling in cans and bottles , and the number rose from 2 in 1905 to 15 in 1906 and to 40 in 1907 , and with the end of the year 1910, the Pepsi-Cola has branches in 24 states .
This was the most important achievement of what he did Caleb Pradhan , and his company's sales increased to 100,000 gallons of wine per year .
Pepsi -Cola 's success reached its peak year in 1909 where he opened a new headquarters Caleb Pradhan and prided itself on its great Naobern City , and placed it on postcards of the city. The year before ( 1908 ) is considered one of the first of his company switched from carriages to cars to transport their wares.
Caleb Pradhan became the owner of a very popular thanks to his sense of thanks and delicate business . Was nominated for the post of governor in his state , and his continued success. Thus, Pepsi -Cola , flew internationally with great success for 17 years , did not know failure, and was successful Pepsi slogan put forward by Caleb Pradhan : '' drink Pepsi -Cola , they are inevitably Strdak '' .
After 17 years of success came World War and the first and relapsed Pepsi influenced by what is happening around them , and sugar prices fluctuated seriously influenced the production of Pepsi -Cola .
Was Caleb Pradhan forced to risk some trades so that he can continue to be forced in the end , is 3 years cumbersome , declare bankruptcy after storage of sugar in huge quantities and dropped its price suddenly , dozens of times , and that was the misfortune of Caleb Pradhan , was left of the Pepsi factories are only two ( in 1921 ) .
Caleb Pradhan returned to his pharmacy and put the name of Pepsi For Sale . And already sold it to - Roy Megargl - and that after a succession of four owners of the name of all failed in the delivery of Pepsi to safety and to fly high , that came to a successful chocolate factory named - Charles Relief - . This was a person as a savior for Pepsi , where the company benefited from his experience and his ideas .
After 15 years of failure from the date of the bankruptcy Caleb Pradhan - who died at the age of fifty-eighth , after about 10 years from the date of bankruptcy - and the company stood on her feet again .
During the Second World War, the company returned to the back and suffered from the recession and the economic situation is tense , and people were not paying 5 cents versus drink moisturizer that doubled the size of the relief Pepsi versus the same price that a competitor companies other refreshments .
Pepsi returned to quit again after World War II with new ideas and new logos and ads , including the famous song publicity Nickel, Nickel -.
Pepsi is the world of the best companies in the world ranking and 21 in the first five hundred companies in the United States .
Restaurants and Pepsi owns Pizza Hut , Kentucky Fried Chicken , Taco Restaurants and smooth and even .
And worked for PepsiCo Global about half a million people in its factories and restaurants owned .
A simple idea and a desire modest discovered drink black reached every corner of the globe , and walked around the black water quantities can be filled rivers.


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